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Watch out for counterfeit Kentucky mops

Published 14th June, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Watch out for counterfeit Kentucky mops

Kentucky mops illegally printed with the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Association (CHSA) Manufacturing Accreditation Scheme logo on the centre band are being imported into the UK from Pakistan and the CHSA is taking action.

“These mops are manufactured by non-members and the quality is not assured by the Manufacturing Accreditation Scheme,” said secretary of the CHSA, Graham Fletcher. “Use of the scheme’s logo in this way is illegal; we’re proud that people in the industry recognise that a mop printed with the Accreditation Scheme logo is manufactured to a high standard and so we take vigorous action whenever we see our mark is being abused. We will not allow this abuse to continue and are actively working with Trading Standards. Distributors in particular need to watch out for the fakes. Ignorance is no defence and any distributor selling these counterfeit mops is committing an offence and will be viewed as the guilty party by Trading Standards.”

Implicit in the CHSA’s mission statement is its intent to raise industry standards and assist its members in providing their customers with ‘value for money’ solutions to their cleaning and hygiene needs. The Manufacturing Accreditation Scheme was created to give customers the confidence that they receive what they pay for, with every member having to pass a rigorous assessment process. It has been a great success with membership almost being a requirement for entering the UK market.

To avoid the risk of prosecution, distributors must make sure they purchase Kentucky mops from one of the four members of the CHSA Manufacturing Accreditation Scheme: Capries Ltd, Ramon Hygiene Products, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, and Scott Young Research Ltd.

Graham Fletcher continued: “If you have mops from other manufacturers bearing the logo please tell us and let us know the source and, for your own protection, don’t repeat purchase.”

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