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Given the brush off: cleaning operatives have ‘unsexiest’ job in the UK

Published 22nd October, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Given the brush off: cleaning operatives have ‘unsexiest’ job in the UK

Cleaning operatives have the unsexiest job in Britain, with plumbers, accountants and taxi drivers close behind. This is according to a poll of UK professions conducted by Jamie Waller, entrepreneur and author of new book, ‘Unsexy Business’.

The research, which quizzed 2000 people, revealed the cleaning profession was voted the most unsexy by nearly one in three Brits (28%). This is despite the industry contributing more than £24 billion to the economy and employing more than 700,000 hardworking employees across the UK.

Lucrative trade roles such as plumbers and builders came second and third on the unsexy list with 26% and 22% of the vote respectively.

Personal trainers came out as having the sexiest job, and lawyers came in as the second sexiest profession with 20% of the vote. Doctors and nurses were joint third with 13% of the vote.

This research comes as Jamie Waller has just launched his first book. He has collaborated with the best of British entrepreneurial spirit to inspire people to stop focusing on how glamorous a job sounds and think about the fortunes that can be made in the unsexiest of careers.

11 entrepreneurs contributed to the book, including Mike Clare, the founder of bed and mattress retailer Dreams, and Charlie Mullins, who made his millions in the world of plumbing. Starting with just £35, he turned Pimlico Plumbers into a business with a £100 million turnover.

Waller said: “I want others to realise that a business doesn’t have to be sexy to be successful. 28% of people may believe cleaning careers are unglamorous, but they have the potential to be highly lucrative. Few people believed in my debt enforcement agency, JBW, but I turned £20,000 into £33 million in just 12 years. With the rise of glamorous tech giants, everyone seems to have forgotten that some of the biggest money is made in the basic, day to day businesses that may not sound thrilling, but are hugely financially rewarding.”

Stan Atkins, chair of the British Cleaning Council, said: “The cleaning sector is incredibly important to the UK economy, and without it the country would grind to a halt. From tackling litter to keeping hospitals clean, the work our members do is vital to ensure we can all live in a hygienic, healthy and safe environment. Further, a vast majority of cleaning operatives take great pride in their work, their professionalism, and the contribution they make to improving society. It’s therefore disappointing that some people think the cleaning industry is ‘unsexy’, especially as it can offer you a very rewarding, lucrative and long-term career.”

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