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50 year celebration for Frank

Published 20th December, 2011 by Neil Nixon

50 year celebration for Frank

OCS has recently congratulated Frank Stevens who has worked with the company for 50 years as a window cleaning operative. Frank Stevens joined the company in 1961 when OCS was a well established cleaning company. At the time, he lived in Southampton, Hampshire, and built up a window cleaning round of retail outlets in the town centre. Today, 68 year old Frank still continues his rounds, supporting stores around the county of Hampshire with both external and internal cleaning.

Since Stevens began his career, the window cleaning industry has seen many changes which have brought untold benefits in terms of health & safety and service efficiencies for clients. The bosun’s chair has been replaced by abseiling, three part ladders by water-fed pole systems, and rope cradles - where the window cleaner’s partner literally pulled them up the building on a rope - by electric cradles.

Ted Jasper, Stevens’ manager, said that he can always be relied upon: “He is a fantastic, model employee and I could do with another 10 like him! He is a very dedicated worker and I can trust him to get on with things. He is always keen to help out and sorts out any problems with no worries or grumbling.”

Martin Gammon, managing director of OCS, said: “The company has seen a lot of changes over the last 50 years and it’s amazing to know that Frank has been with us the whole time. People like Frank enable us to provide first class customer service through their dedication and commitment and by really knowing the business inside out.”