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Zigzag-fold changes set to reduce carbon emissions

Published 22nd August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Zigzag-fold changes set to reduce carbon emissions

Changes to the Tork zigzag-fold hand towel range is set to dramatically reduce waste, packaging and CO2 emissions according to manufacturer SCA. And the fact that the products are now available in Tork Easy Handling packaging will bring further sustainability benefits as well as being more convenient for the customer.

New technology means that Tork zigzag-fold hand towels have now been compressed to take up less space in warehouses, cleaning cupboards, the lorry and the dispenser. This will reduce transport emissions when delivering to the customer - a move that will result in carbon footprint reductions throughout the supply chain.

“The new compressed towels will reduce carbon emissions by 80 tonnes of CO2 per km, which is a huge environmental benefit,” said SCA product and segment manager, Charlotte Branwhite. “The fact that three bundles of towels fit into the dispenser compared with two in most zigzag-fold systems reduces filling time by up to 25% while also reducing packaging and waste. This also means that 20% less space is required to store the same quantity of towels. Meanwhile, the fact that towels are now being delivered in Tork Easy Handling packaging makes life easier for the cleaner and improves efficiencies for the facilities manager.”

Tork offers a complete range of zigzag-fold towels in Tork Premium, Tork Advanced and Tork Universal formats. These include a green towel for general and institutional environments, a blue towel for use in the food sector, and a flushable towel aimed at washrooms in trains and on aircraft. Also, soft versions of the towel are available in Tork Premium (2ply) and Tork Universal qualities (1ply), while the Tork Advanced qualities balance performance and value for money. All Tork zigzag-fold towels are housed in the Tork Elevation dispenser available in both white and black.

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