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Zero waste to landfill commitment

Published 1st October, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Zero waste to landfill commitment

KM Cleaning Services has celebrated the fourth successful year of its ‘zero waste to landfill’ scheme which has helped many of its customers recover 100% of total waste generated. Using the latest recycling technology provided by A M Waste Disposal and PowerDay, KM Cleaning Services has effectively achieved its goal of restructuring its resource lifecycles.

In recent years the Zero Waste UK initiative has been a rapidly growing movement in both the public and private business sectors and offers an alternative vision of a shared responsibility for waste management between the government, consumers, retailers, product manufacturers and businesses. By 2020 the UK aims to divert up to 70% of all waste from landfill and incineration, and hopes to follow Zero Waste pioneers San Francisco (USA), New Zealand and Kamikatsu (Japan) in eventually eliminating the concept of ‘waste’ altogether.

Mark Quinnell of KM Cleaning Services said: “We pride ourselves in ensuring our customers and employees maximise their recycling efficiency through our 100% zero waste to landfill approach and remain committed in our aim to continuously take action for our environmental impact, being the greenest we can be.”

On average the UK produces up to 334 million tonnes of waste per year, 80% of which comes from England alone. However, following the recent amendments made to the EU Waste and Landfill Directives it comes as a surprise that a recent survey found that nine out of 10 people would recycle more if the system were simplified.

Through its wide range of recyclable cleaning products and expert knowledge, KM Cleaning enables customers to tailor an environmental waste programme to suit their own corporate social responsibility and environmental management targets that are both simple and reliable.

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