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Wick away the threat of damaging water leaks

Published 3rd March, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Wick away the threat of damaging water leaks

Spill response specialist Spilsolv UK has launched a new absorbent product, Water Wick, onto the market. The absorbent will ease the pressure on maintenance and facilities teams across the country when it comes to water leaks, especially when it comes to extensive refrigeration and freezer units, as well as cooler units.

Using the innovative 'Spill Lock' technology, the Water Wick absorbent turns all water-based liquids into a leak-resistant gel, perfect for ensuring that excess water or leaks are captured without causing a workplace hazard such as slips or falls. With clear warnings across the strips, and in four languages, the Water Wick strip ensures that health and safety is paramount.

With the Water Wick strip, users get a total of 100 feet of absorbent length, with perforations at every two feet, so that maintenance teams can easily cut and apply the amount they need to an area, making it a cost effective resource. A full strip will absorb up to 64 litres.

Jonathan Carpanini, operations manager at Spilsolv UK, said: “We're excited to be introducing Water Wick to the market as we feel that there was an obvious gap that needed to be filled. It is the perfect tool for anyone who works within the hospitality, food manufacturing, retail and pub trades, as it means you can contain any leaks from fridges, freezers and cellar cooler units.”

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