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Welsh cleaning company nears final stage of school project

Published 9th February, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Welsh cleaning company nears final stage of school project

A cleaning services company has recently completed the third of a four-phase project for Afon Taf High School in Merthyr Tydfil. Clean Sweep has been contracted by Interserve, the international construction and support services group, conducting a live renovation of the high school, to complete cleaning services on each phase of the ongoing project.

Clean Sweep has provided this service since August 2015, with the most recent stage being completed at the end of last year. Clean Sweep has also been awarded an additional contract to provide its services during the final stage of the project, due to commence in Spring 2017.

As the renovation of the school is ongoing, often during term times, Clean Sweep has needed to adapt to new schedules when instructed, and when Interserve needs specific areas cleaned, in preparation for the next stage of the rebuild. Some of the services Clean Sweep has completed for Interserve and Afon Taf High School include a full clean of the new buildings from ceiling to floor, as well as cleaning of the beams in the school’s sports hall. The cleaning company has since secured further contracts for projects with Interserve as a result of the service provided since the project commenced.

Founder and managing director of Clean Sweep, Helen Williams, said: “Working with Interserve on this project has been extremely rewarding. Not only have we had our contract extended to complete the remaining phases of the renovation, but we have also obtained a further two contracts in the South Wales area as a result of the high quality work we do.”

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