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Welsh biosciences company makes global impact

Published 17th March, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Welsh biosciences company makes global impact

Welsh biosciences company Genesis Biosciences is making a global impact with its innovative microbial and antimicrobial products ranging from improving the yield of third world fish farms to delivering high performance, eco-benign microbial cleaning solutions.

Through its research laboratories based in Cardiff, microbiologists at Genesis Biosciences characterise unique strains of Bacillus bacteria and develop application-specific uses for their ability to degrade various types of organic matter. This can range from fats, oils, and grease through to cellulose, hydrocarbons, proteins, and many other unwanted elements. This targeted natural action removes the need for harsh chemicals which, in turn, helps to sustain the environment and offers innovative solutions in a plethora of applications.

In the UK and European facilities management sector, Genesis Biosciences has developed unique microbial cleaning formulas through its Evogen Professional product range. The friendly Bacillus bacteria in the products act as natural cleaners on building surfaces and as the Bacillus grow and thrive on the surfaces after application, the Evogen Professional products continue to remove dirt whilst soiling remains. This reduces the need for laborious mechanical action and also reduces the frequency of cleaning, preserving the assets for longer, and reducing the overall cost.

In washroom cubicles, Genesis Biosan antimicrobial range provides biocidal protection to all users of feminine hygiene units through a combination of its patented 'vapour technology' and the only active ingredient to be registered under the European Biocidal Products Directive. This solution provides 99.999% protection against many of the troublesome bacteria.

Dr Emma Saunders, research and regulatory specialist at Genesis, said: “It is incredibly exciting looking at the opportunities our research and development is creating. There is so much potential at Genesis Biosciences to make a positive impact on a global stage. As we have shown in the Far East, microbial technologies can allow us to achieve amazing things. Using only natural microbes we can improve food production, create sustainable and safe cleaning products, and improve facility maintenance, all without the need for harsh chemistries that often have negative impacts on the environment.”

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