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Wellness consultants to drive Healthy Workplace Project

Published 14th August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Wellness consultants to drive Healthy Workplace Project

Kimberly-Clark Professional has appointed a team of wellness consultants to help its customers improve staff wellbeing and enhance employee engagement. The wellness consultants will also be responsible for implementing the pioneering the Healthy Workplace Project. This has been introduced to help businesses take a few simple steps to significantly reduce the level of harmful germs from the office environment - cutting absenteeism and raising staff satisfaction and productivity levels in the process.

Businesses who sign up to the Healthy Workplace Project are offered the opportunity to receive a free comprehensive assessment of their whole workplace, from reception desks to individual workstations, conducted by a wellness consultant. Following this visit, the wellness consultant will make tailored recommendations on where to place hygiene products such as hand sanitisers and desk surface wipes.

Richard Millard, platform leader for EMEA at Kimberly-Clark Professional and a wellness consultant, said: “The Healthy Workplace Project is a fresh and highly innovative approach to hygiene in office environments - one that is designed to help businesses create genuine exceptional workplaces. It is focused not simply on products, but on identifying a company’s individual needs and designing a bespoke solution that has the wellbeing of its workforce as the end goal. We felt the best way to implement an ambitious programme like this was through personal contact - and appointing a team of wellness consultants seemed the ideal solution. With their expertise, they will be in the perfect position to advise our customers on the simple steps they can take to make theirs an exceptional workplace, where employees are healthy, happy and productive.”

Launched in Europe and the US in 2011, the Healthy Workplace Project is already yielding impressive results among those companies that have taken part. One Kimberly-Clark Professional customer has managed to reduce absenteeism by 45% in an office of 500 employees since participating in the initiative.

Richard Millard added: “Employers can implement the Healthy Workplace Project measures for just £3 per head - a small price to pay considering the annual cost of absenteeism in the UK is estimated at £700 per employee. Our team of wellness consultants is on-hand to show them how easy and cost-effective it really is to introduce this ground-breaking initiative to their own offices.”

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