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Wellbeing at your fingertips

Published 7th January, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Wellbeing at your fingertips

Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched a range of ‘caddies’ which are designed to bring the benefits of the Healthy Workplace Project to the desk and meeting room in a neat and tidy bundle.

The new Desk Caddy and Meeting Room Caddy both contain all the products needed to create a healthy workplace outside of the washroom in a way that is compact and close-at-hand. The Desk Caddy contains Kleenex branded tissues, a hand sanitiser and surface wipes in a practical, personal holder designed to sit on each employee’s desk. The Meeting Room Caddy, which is available in wood and metallic effect holders, stores Kleenex tissues, a hand sanitiser and surface wipes in a format more suitable for use by people in larger offices, meeting rooms, conference venues, restaurants and reception areas.

The caddies have been launched as part of The Healthy Workplace Project, an initiative developed by Kimberly-Clark Professional to help businesses enhance wellbeing among employees by preventing the spread of germs that cause common illnesses such as colds, flu and upset stomachs in office environment.

Research suggests that the average desk in an office carries more germs than a toilet seat. In a study conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional, using ATP biological readings to measure bacteria levels, it was found that an average toilet seat had an ATP count of 55, but the average desk gave a reading as high as 152 . Average ATP readings taken in the study from other objects commonly found in offices included: phone - 164; keyboard - 284; mouse - 165; vending machine - 151; microwave - 315; and door handle - 138.

Richard Millard, platform leader for EMEA at Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: “The Healthy Workplace Project is about providing the right products in practical locations to help office employees improve their office hygiene behaviour. Our new Desk Caddy and Meeting Room Caddy are both designed to help educate and encourage your colleagues to ‘wash, wipe and sanitise’ to reduce the spread of germs in the workplace. By placing the tools they need right in their hands, you can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.”

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