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Welcome to the world of modern batteries

Published 6th November, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Welcome to the world of modern batteries

Leading manufacturers of all types of cleaning equipment are looking at using battery powered machines to reduce emissions, remove the requirement for trailing cables and limit noise – particularly important for machines used in public areas. Advances in battery technology in recent years mean that they can be charged much more quickly, using a standard electricity supply, and once charged, have a much longer active life before they need re-charging.

When it comes to batteries, cleaning companies and equipment manufacturers need to make sure that they know what they're buying. The key to buying the right battery – one that will deliver reliable power for the uninterrupted operation of your floor cleaning equipment - is to consider the size, charging capabilities and model.

The ordinary gel battery that you may already know has effectively been superseded as they take much longer to charge, suffer from partial state of charge (PSOC), don’t cycle as many times, and are more expensive per KW. To replace the dated gel batteries, the latest technology on the market includes the brand new Superior Lead Carbon, along with Pure Lead Carbon and lithium batteries that provide super fast charging and deep cycle life.

The new DBS Leoch range of Superior Lead Carbon AGM batteries have a deep cycle design for high capacity and maximum cycle life. They offer superior performance in a wide variety of PSOC applications for optimised charging and fast charging capability, and are based on carbon-negative plates and a unique AGM separator to prevent short-circuiting and acid stratification failure.

The DBS Leoch Pure Lead Carbon batteries extend battery life up to 15-20 years (based on daily cycling) and can be recharged to 95% in just 60 minutes. The key to the Pure Lead Carbon batteries’ enhanced performance is the addition of carbon that reduces sulphation caused by PSOC. The batteries are 98% recyclable to reduce disposal costs and retain value at their end of life.

The RELiON lithium batteries offer up to 20 times longer battery life than certain lead acid batteries and can also be charged significantly faster. With traditional AGM or gel lead acid, a full, deep cycle re-charge takes up to 12 hours for the battery to charge to full capacity. With the capacity to charge at a higher efficiency, lithium batteries take a fraction of this time to recharge, ie one hour.

The DBS Leoch batteries offer a high number of cycles, fast charging and no damage from partial charging – ideal for powering cleaning equipment. DBS Leoch was formed in 2018 following a buy-in to the existing DBS Energy business by Leoch, one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world.

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