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Waterless washing machines for White Rose

Published 21st February, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Waterless washing machines for White Rose

London dry cleaning company White Rose Laundries has installed two Xeros washing machines in which the use of water is largely replaced by polymer beads.

The machines are now in use at the company's headquarters in School Road, Acton, and White Rose says it is already reducing its operating costs, delivering superior cleaning and enhancing the organisation's 'green' credentials.

Compared to conventional washing machines, Xeros - commercialising technology developed at the University of Leeds - says its systems demand less time and typically more than 70% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less detergent than traditional methods.

Ejaz Osmani, managing director, White Rose Laundries, said: “We're delighted to be at the forefront of innovation and the machines are already proving highly beneficial to us. On top of their other benefits, they mean we don't have to separate most colours, as the beads absorb stray dyes, and the gentler cleaning action and lower temperatures mean our customers' clothes stay new for longer. We have already noticed the clothes smell fresher and shirts are easier to finish with less touching up required.”

White Rose Laundries' clients include many of London's top hotels, clinics, law firms and financial institutions, and the average length of its trading relationships is 15 years.

Osmani continued: “We pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed service, turnaround times and attention to detail, as we ensure our individual and corporate clients are presented in the cleanest and most impressive way. We're certain the Xeros machines will be instrumental in enabling us to maintain those very high standards.”

Andy Hewitt, commercial director at Xeros, said: “We're delighted White Rose Laundries is now using our machines and not surprised its early impressions of them are so positive. We have no doubt washing clothes the Xeros way will become the norm in the future, as conserving water is something we should all be looking to do, as well as using our energy resources efficiently. Our systems also deliver great clothing and fabric care, with better cost control, plus less waste.”

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