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Washroom performance at the Motorpoint Arena

Published 9th January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Washroom performance at the Motorpoint Arena

When you're a top flight entertainment venue, hosting some of the most famous names in music, comedy and more, you need to ensure that you provide stylish yet practical surroundings for your audiences. Washrooms are particularly important - equipment needs to be tough enough to withstand regular and heavy usage, but it should also look good, and provide a pleasant user experience. These attributes, and more, made GOJO products a good fit for the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

Marcus Donoghue, plant and logistics manager for Live Nation's Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, said: “We wanted to replace our existing dispenser system because it wasn't efficient and used more soap than was needed. We also wanted to improve the look of the hand washing units and be able to use them for promotional messaging purposes.”

Ed Weale, business development manager for GOJO in the south west, suggested LTX-12 touch-free dispensers in sleek chrome and black, with Freshberry foam hand wash: “The LTX dispensers are a popular choice because they intuitively sense the presence of hands and dispense a measured amount of product every time. The fact that they are 'touch-free' also increases their hygiene rating, eliminating another surface to touch. Another bonus is its ability to carry bespoke communication thanks to its Messenger dispenser station.”

Refills for the LTX use GOJO 'controlled collapse' bottles, which are a patent-pending innovation, engineered to hold their shape while emptying. The bottles remain flat to the surface of the large sight windows at the front of the units, making it easy to monitor soap levels at a glance but in a more attractive way.

The new system has been a great success, as Marcus Donoghue concludes: “We have seen a drop-off in soap wastage with some units lasting twice, if not three times as long as before. All feedback has been positive, whether related to the design or the consumption rate. Our cleaners also find that they need to spend less time checking dispensers thanks to the large windows and better refills. The ability to message promotionally has also helped the retail side of the venue by allowing us to publicise different bar offers.”

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