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WAMITAB launches 'Validate'

Published 13th May, 2014 by Neil Nixon

WAMITAB launches 'Validate'

Validate is a brand new service from WAMITAB, specifically designed to assess employees who have developed sufficient knowledge and skills to perform their job to the correct standard. Officially launching on 1 May, Validate is a modular programme that assesses the competence of operatives in the workplace.

With a strong focus on health and safety compliance, this on-the-job assessment complements and supports in-house training and relevant work experience. It can be delivered by WAMITAB-approved centres, or employers themselves. Over 25 activities for assessment feature in the programme, with module categories covering:

• Waste and recycling collection.
• Street cleansing.
• Vehicles/machinery.
• General.

This flexible programme allows learners and their employers to select modules that are most relevant to their job role. Up to five modules can be listed on each Validate certificate.

Chris James, CEO of WAMITAB, said: “This adaptable and innovative new programme gives employers more control over the timing and choice of competencies for assessment, making it an attractive proposition that delivers the flexibility and cost-effectiveness 21st century businesses need. By incorporating Validate into in-house development programmes, the recognition and reward element can also help with the recruitment and retention of high-quality employees. The ethos behind Validate is to deliver an employer-responsive programme that not only assesses competency and compliance, but also does it in a way that fits in with the lifestyle of the employee, and the work schedules of the organisation itself. The activities that can be assessed cover an extensive range of tasks, and WAMITAB plans to add even more as the programme progresses.”

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