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Versatile, compact cleaning trolley

Published 24th February, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Versatile, compact cleaning trolley

Vileda Professional has launched its new VoleoPro cleaning trolley - designed to be a compact workstation for use with a range of Vileda's cleaning systems. Karen Barker, marketing manager at Vileda Professional, said: “This is the latest generation of our Voleo trolley family, which is now even more compact with a footprint of only 0.5m², making it ideal for sites that require a cleaning trolley but where space is tight. Every inch of the trolley has been cleverly utilised to ensure no space goes to waste.”

What makes the VoleoPro trolley really stand out are three design patents, which cover its unique V-shaped pillar structure making it slimline and robust, the multifunctional bridge for extra storage, and the foldaway bin lid with cleaning plan holder, which neatly tucks away within the footprint of the trolley. The entire trolley can be assembled quickly and simply in under five minutes without the need for any tools or fixings.

VoleoPro also provides a price competitive solution, which caters for all cleaning needs and budgets, with a choice of two VoleoPro chassis and floor cleaning starter kits, allowing greater choice and compatibility for the user.

The combination of VoleoPro and Vileda Professional's UltraSpeed 25 litre microfibre flat mopping system allows even the smallest site to benefit from a trolley that is complete with a high performance floor cleaning system, storage for consumables, and other Vileda Professional cleaning products from wiping to high-level dusting. The UltraSpeed 25 litre kit comes with a 25 litre ergonomic bucket and an innovative non-mechanical wringer, 40cm flat mop frame, and microfibre mop pad. A safety pad is also available, designed to clean safety floors and remove stubborn stains and scuff marks.

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