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Ultra-slim dryer awarded the Quiet Mark

Published 10th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Ultra-slim dryer awarded the Quiet Mark

Airdri's ultra-slim hand dryer, the Elite, which was initially designed to respond to the standards outlined in the American Disability Act, has been awarded the Quiet Mark. This international mark of excellence from the UK Noise Abatement Society is awarded to technical products that have been developed with noise level reduction as a key consideration.

World Health Organisation research indicates that loud hand dryers can have a negative impact on well-being. People with hearing and sight problems, young children and the elderly, and those with autistic spectrum disorders can find them particularly distressing. However, the Elite hand dryer's features ensure that no individual is excluded from the washroom environment. Due to its low decibel levels, the dryer is not harmful to sensitive ears and, as it does not protrude far from the wall, it doesn't create obstacles for the visually impaired or disabled.

James Clark, Airdri's group commercial director, said: “Great consideration is given to sound and other health-related factors as part of our ongoing product development programme. It's important to us that our dryers can be used by everyone. Our customer research has revealed that excessively noisy dryers may deter users from drying hands properly and we know that they can be frightening for small children. The hard of hearing and the elderly can find loud noise uncomfortable. We strive to provide sustainable and innovative products that reflect our commitment to both energy and noise reduction, keeping both customers and the environment foremost in our product development planning.”

The slim profile of the Elite ensures easy access when space is limited, making it perfect for washrooms of any size. Its stylish contemporary appearance, available in either white or brushed stainless steel, makes it one of the most popular models in the Airdri range.

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