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Ultra Rolled Hand Towel offers ‘uncompromised care’

Published 18th July, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Ultra Rolled Hand Towel offers ‘uncompromised care’

Kimberly-Clark Professional has recently launched in the UK and Ireland the Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towel to help facility managers deliver ‘uncompromised care to washroom users’, with Kleenex Brand quality now available as a rolled towel.

Featuring a new compact dispenser, the premium embossed Kleenex branded hand towels are preferred by twice as many users than the nearest competitor [1]. The Kleenex brand pattern is embossed onto the towel, together with the use of Airflex fabric technology. According to the manufacturer, Kleenex Ultra Hand Towels are absorbent and strong so fewer towels are used for a better dry enabling them to deliver the softest and most gentle hand drying experience [1].

“Facility managers have to provide the best washroom experience possible to maintain user satisfaction and keep complaints to a minimum, but under the pressure of delivering operational efficiencies and keeping within their existing budget,” said James Hallam, EMEA Kleenex brand manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “The new proprietary Kleenex branded towel is designed to provide exceptional comfort and care for users, without compromising on efficiencies in the washroom.”

Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towels work together with the compact Aquarius dispenser with an improved never-run-out feature. The stub roll is used to the full with normal single-sheet dispensing until the roll is finished - it does not feed twice, and the transition to the new roll is seamless, with no overlap.

The dispenser’s smooth design with no dirt traps allows for an easy one-wipe clean, making cleaning quick and efficient and freeing up time for staff to perform other cleaning duties [2]. The dispenser is available in both white and black enabling customers to improve the appearance and image of their washrooms whilst complimenting the existing washroom aesthetics.

“Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towel enables you to provide your employees with the trusted Kleenex brand in your washroom [3] and control budgets at the same time,” added Hallam. “Kleenex brand care never goes unnoticed and research tells us that most customers are more likely to purchase hand towels that feature the Kleenex brand [4].”


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