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'Ultra-low energy' technology reduces waste and costs

Published 4th February, 2015 by Neil Nixon

'Ultra-low energy' technology reduces waste and costs

RBS and Carillion have both invested in a new ultra-low energy 'smart' hand dryer from Savortex in a bid to significantly cut waste and reduce energy costs. RBS is installing the British-made EcoCurve in 50 of its sites, which is expected to save the company £30,000 and 14,000 tonnes of waste per site, per year.

Carillion is also specifying the new greener washroom technology, and as a result is set to save 50% of carbon emissions for many of its high profile blue chip clients.

The Savortex EcoCurve data-driven hand dryer is claimed to have the lowest carbon footprint per dry on the market, and includes a revolutionary data intelligence portal that will help buildings and facilities managers monitor and evidence energy savings, as well as better manage ongoing washroom maintenance.

The Savortex EcoCurve is the first successful product to be developed, tested and brought to market as part of the RBS Innovation Gateway initiative, which was launched earlier this year. The initiative works with pioneering SMEs, innovators and investors that are working to make an impact on business waste production and reduction of water and energy consumption. After testing the product on its own sites, RBS was so impressed by the results that it is now installing the EcoCurve in 50 buildings in a first phase of a long-term process.

John Hayes, property services, RBS, said: "In the past, corporate responsibility and cost management were relatively separate activities. However, in recent times these two agendas have moved much closer together to a more complimentary status. We at RBS chose to undertake a trial with Savortex, as we felt that they had created a product (EcoCurve data dryer) that recognised investment in resource efficiency and was also commercially sustainable.”

Marcela Navarro, RBS head of customer innovation, said: “Savortex is the first success story to emerge and provides the proof that the RBS Innovation Gateway concept works. It's inspiring to see a brilliant innovation implemented in the RBS estate.”

Syed Ahmed, founder of Savortex Ltd, said: “We are delighted that both RBS and Carillion have embraced this new technology and recognised the significant savings the EcoCurve can make, both to their costs and to the waste they and their clients produce. Carillion has a reputation for its commitment to mitigating climate change, so for our technology to get this approval is a really exciting milestone for us! 18% of UK carbon emissions and 177 million tonnes of waste is produced from UK businesses alone. There are 70 million washrooms globally, of which 20% still use energy-hungry, massively inefficient and wasteful hand-drying solutions. This is not sustainable. We must change these shocking statistics and invest in products that minimise waste and energy usage, and that can bring much-needed financial savings to businesses worldwide.”

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