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Two brands become one

Published 6th August, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Two brands become one

SCA Hygiene Products has announced the migration of two of its key brands into one. Lotus Professional, a brand of former Georgia-Pacific EMEA, will migrate to the existing SCA Tork brand. This means Lotus Professional products are set to have new Tork names and packaging. However, inside the pack nothing has changed and customers will find the same great quality products.

Lotus Professional products will migrate to Tork progressively, starting from June 2013 and be completed by early January 2014.

SCA acquired Georgia-Pacific's European tissue business in July last year including the away-from-home brand Lotus Professional.

Jenny Turner, marketing director for away from home UK&I, said: "The spirit of innovation you expect from Lotus Professional will continue in Tork. The same great quality products will be found within packs, but the assortment will become part of our global Tork offer."

Tork offers a complete range of products and services within hygiene and cleaning for away-from-home washrooms, healthcare, food service and industry. Through customer understanding and particular expertise in hygiene and sustainability, Tork has become a market leader in many segments and a committed partner to businesses in over 90 countries.

The Lotus Professional assortment will migrate to Tork in three waves:
• From 1 June SCA distributors will start to receive Tork branded products for wiping and cleaning. This means the product packaging received by end customers will have new graphics and new brand names, however key system names will remain including the Reflex system, which will migrate to Tork Reflex. There will be a pack graphic to communicate the brand change and product ranges will be renamed according to the task the product is designed to aid - wiping, cleaning or polishing.
• From 1 October SCA distributors will start to receive Tork branded products for washroom and healthcare. Further details will be available early June, however, key systems to include in the migration will be the SmartOne range, nextTurn, and Marathon towels.
• Tabletop will be the final stage of the migration in January 2014 and will include interfold napkins, traditional dispenser napkins, conventional napkins and tableware. Further details will follow in October.

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