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Turning up the heat - now with added cashback

Published 19th May, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Turning up the heat - now with added cashback

When it is so widely known that hot water cuts through grease and kills germs more quickly and effectively than cold water - no one does the washing up or bathes in cold water by choice - it is perhaps surprising that more people haven't yet applied the benefits of hot to their professional cleaning.

Compared to unpressurised cleaning procedures, Kärcher high-pressure cleaners offer impressive advantages in terms of economy, cleaning results and environmental impact. Add in the power of hot water with a Kärcher HDS pressure washer and these advantages increase dramatically. When cleaning stubborn dirt, Kärcher HDS is the superior solution for oils, greases and proteins - especially when they are caked on.

Kärcher has led the way in hot water pressure washers from their very inception - the hot water pressure washer was invented in Europe by Alfred Kärcher in 1950. So ahead of its time was this innovation that this core technology still serves as the basis for heating today.

Numerous innovations and adaptions over the years have further fortified the outstanding design, excellent build quality and range of user-friendly features. Modern machines heat water from about 12°C to up to 155°C. This allows the working pressure and detergent quantity to be reduced while saving up to 35% on cleaning time - with significantly better results.

To help promote its range of hot water pressure washers to an ever wider audience, Kärcher is offering up to £250 cashback on all HDS hot water pressure washers purchased from April until the end of June.
To find out more about how hot water can make a difference to your business and for full details of the cashback offer, please visit:

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