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Trusted brand still cleaning up

Published 4th September, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Trusted brand still cleaning up

Sales of the Vileda SuperMocio mop have increased by almost a fifth in the past three years. Sales started soaring as the product turned a decade old in 2009, showing how much consumers trusted it. And Vileda has now revealed sales of its SuperMocio mop have grown 18%, in a highly competitive market, in the past three years. In a household cleaning industry valued at £1 billion by Mintel, Vileda is excelling as the market leader as consumers invest in trusted quality products.

The SuperMocio is in its sixth phase after revolutionising the floor care industry with the introduction of the first model 13 years ago.

The latest model, the SuperMocio 3Action mop was launched in 2011 and features revolutionary 3D smart fibre zones for ultimate dirt and particle pick up. The fibre zones also allow an easy rinse effect, and with a lemon-shaped head, permits easy corner cleaning. The red non-scratch spot eraser removes tough stains and the dark blue microfibre zone is for greasy dirt removal.

Vileda’s Lindsey Taylor said: “We started to see an increase in sales as the product reached 10 years old, after firmly establishing itself in a busy market place. From our unit sales we can see that the SuperMocio is now recognised as a trusted product and a market leader, embraced by households across the UK. Even in times when the economic climate demands tighter purse strings, investing in good quality products that are long lasting and durable remain a cost-effective way to keep financial outgoings to minimum.”

Additional research from Mintel showed that household polishes and specialist cleaning products were worth £171 million in 2011, growing 16% between 2006 and 2011 and 3% between 2010 and 2011.

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