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Transforming customer billing

Published 12th September, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Transforming customer billing

Zenith Hygiene Group plc has signed a two and a half year contract with Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) to manage the fulfilment of its customer billing documents in the UK and Ireland, with a transition from physical print and postal despatch to a digital delivery solution.

Under the contract SPS will provide automated printing, enclosing and despatch of customer invoices, statements and reminders from its Welwyn Garden City document processing centre, whilst at the same time commencing a migration programme to electronic presentment through a dedicated online Zenith customer portal.

"What we liked about SPS is their ability to deliver significant cost savings right from the outset of the project, whilst also developing a technology enabled solution to take us forward," said Raxs Patel, IT director, Zenith Hygiene Group plc.

SPS will initially implement a number of quick win initiatives to drive costs out of the current operation, including match and merge technology to consolidate multiple documents into a single mailing. Where customers might previously have received six or seven separate communications including statements, new invoices, account updates etc, these will now be automatically collated into a single envelope during the printing process. Further postage savings will also be achieved through the use of SPS’ postal consolidator, enabling Zenith to access reduced postal tariffs.

Prior to the contract with SPS, Zenith was despatching only 40% of customer invoices, statements and reminders electronically, with the majority going out in the post. The new contract will see a significant change to this.

"SPS have created an online portal for us that will encourage many more of our customers to migrate across to electronic delivery saving them and us valuable time and costs in handling invoicing,” continued Patel. “This is an absolutely essential solution for us as it will develop and grow with our business, making customer account work much easier and much quicker to handle."

The SPS e-billing platform will operate as a 'pull' solution - allowing Zenith customers to access their current and historic account data through a dedicated online portal. Customers can use the secure website to check the status of their accounts and view or download invoices, statements and raise and resolve queries, including online access to ‘proof of delivery’ notes.

Charlie Peters, UK sales and marketing director at SPS, said: “We're delighted that Zenith has seen the cost savings through our match and merge and consolidation capability. But it's through our innovative and scalable e-billing solution where we will really transform and add value to Zenith's business by improving their current system of credit control and payment and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty through the high level of self-service functionality and interaction."

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