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Training package for hospital cleaners and FMs

Published 16th March, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Training package for hospital cleaners and FMs

New from Tork manufacturer Essity is an interactive training and support package aimed at cleaners and facility managers in the healthcare sector.

Launched in January, Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training takes FMs and staff through various real world cleaning scenarios in an engaging way. The online package also incorporates a ‘train-the-trainer’ module to educate facility and contract cleaning managers on how to support their teams and demonstrate optimum cleaning techniques.

“In a healthcare system under pressure, the role of the facilities manager is just as critical in providing care as that of any other healthcare professional,” said Essity’s professional hygiene marketing director for healthcare, Thomas Bergin. “Ensuring that the healthcare environment remains a clean and safe place for patients needs to be a top priority.”

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