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Training of cleaning staff 'crucial' says poll

Published 6th February, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Training of cleaning staff 'crucial' says poll

The training of staff should not be underestimated to ensure effective cleaning in hospitals, according to a new opinion poll.

The online cleaning industry blog site asked the question: 'how important is training of staff to ensure effective cleaning in hospitals - critical, important or it doesn't matter?'

Some 51% of those who took part in the poll said they thought training was a priority in the fight against dirt, while 25% believed it was important whlst 24% said they didn't think it mattered.

The poll follows in the wake of a recent survey of 1000 NHS nurses and healthcare assistants on cleaning practices and attitudes which found that a third of respondents had cleaned toilets or mopped floors in the previous 12 months. Moreover, almost three quarters of those responding to the survey had received no training on how to perform these duties.

Brian Boll, systems director at Jigsaw Cleaning, who ran the survey, said: “This demonstrates how important training is considered by a broad spectrum of the industry. We believe the investment in training of staff pays dividends for the longer term, particularly where new methods are adopted using new materials. We should not forget that as well as training on the physical use of equipment, training is important in the planning, recording and monitoring of the cleaning tasks carried out. This provides a useful schedule of not only what has been done but also provides a picture of data which can identify any gaps in the cleaning processes.”

The Department of Health has recently released figures which show that NHS spending on cleaning last year was up £40.7 million to £937.9 million.

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