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Town's toilets cleaned without spending a penny

Published 19th September, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Town's toilets cleaned without spending a penny

Volunteers from chemical company, Airedale Chemical, have rolled up their sleeves to bring a sparkle back to its local public conveniences with an industrial-strength deep clean. The Yorkshire-based chemical company has pledged to use its specialised cleaning products and expertise to bring a new lease of life to the public toilets in its local area, Cross Hills. It will regularly provide an intensive clean-up as part of its commitment to giving something back to its community.

A powerful product known as Airoscour TFR was used for its ability to remove deeply imbedded dirt and grime, as recommended by the technical advisors at Airedale to provide the most effective disinfection of the toilets. Airedale Chemical will return to the site every six months without charge to ensure that the standards of cleanliness are upheld for residents and visitors to the town.

Chris Chadwick, sales director at Airedale Chemical, said: “Cross Hills is our town so it's only right that we do what we can to help. To provide a really thorough deep-clean of the public toilets seemed like the perfect way for us to do something for Cross Hills which would benefit everybody and boost the experience of visitors. We've got the knowledge and the products to make sure the Cross Hills Main Street toilets are a public convenience the whole community can benefit from and be proud of.”

Councillor Michael Outhwaite from Cross Hills Parish Council added: “We're delighted that Airedale Chemical has offered to bring these toilets up to standard again. Over time they had become a little dirty but now they're clean again and we're really grateful to the people at Airedale Chemical for their generosity and hard work. They've even cleared away all the rubbish from the car park while they were here.”

Airedale Chemical recently set up the Airedale Foundation to provide support to local groups and charities in the area with worthwhile projects that make a difference to its immediate neighbours and communities.

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