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Toucan Eco gains VAH certification

Published 26th August, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Toucan Eco gains VAH certification

Disinfection and cleaning fluid produced by the Toucan Eco has gained certification from VAH Laboratories in Germany. Recognised throughout the EU, the VAH List of Disinfectants comprises all products which have a valid certificate issued by the Disinfectants Commission. The list serves as a basis for the selection of appropriate disinfectants in hospitals, medical and dental surgeries as well as public institutions and other areas in which infections may be transmitted.

The Toucan Eco devices use the process of electrochemical activation of tap water and table salt to form an effective disinfectant/cleaner. Already certified to BS1276 and BS 13727, the fluids are produced cheaply and simply on the spot, where and when they are needed.

Centrego Ltd, which markets the products via its e-shop - - now has a range of three devices which are used to generate fluids for both general cleaning and more specialised disinfection in both clinical and food hygiene environments.

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