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Tork staff polish off a new world record

Published 5th April, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Tork staff polish off a new world record

Staff at SCA Tissue Europe’s head office set a new world record when they polished a car using Tork 530 multipurpose cloths. The vehicle involved was a Formula One car - and a total of 63 employees worked on it at once. This earned them a place in the Guinness World Records as the largest group of people ever to polish a Formula One car at a time.

“We found out there was a record there to break - and that it would be a fun one to do,” said SCA Tissue Europe’s marketing communications coordinator Jamie Wright. “It was quite an achievement and it created a great sense of team spirit within the office.”

The entire staff of SCA Tissue Europe’s Dunstable office participated in the record-breaking event, which was staged in the run-up to a new industrial launch due to take place in April. A Formula One car was brought into the Horwood House Hotel near Milton Keynes where the event was staged and a Guinness World Records adjudicator monitored the proceedings.

The team had to work on the same part of the car’s bodywork for a full minute in order to earn their place in the record books.

“Our name will appear in the Guinness World Records later in the year and in the meantime we have a certificate on our office wall to prove we did it,” said Wright.

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