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Toilet paper to solve drainage problems

Published 28th August, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Toilet paper to solve drainage problems

Cleaning supplies firm ICS is working with Sofidel to supply a toilet paper which actively cleans drainage systems. The new paper, Bio Tech, contains active microorganisms which feed on dirt present in the pipes and sewage system.

Director of ICS, Matt Dodgson, said: "The new Bio Tech paper is revolutionary technology. It contains micro-organisms that produce enzymes when they come into contact with water. The organisms are harmless to people but will biodegrade deposits and nasty smelling substances, reducing bad odour and the risk of clogs in the system. It has been proven to reduce maintenance costs by up to 40% compared to common toilet paper."

The paper is claimed to be the first of its kind in Europe to use this type of technology, known as BATP (Biological Active Tissue Paper). The five micro-organisms in the paper reproduce exponentially when they make contact with water, thus intensifying action even in areas that cannot be reached by chemical or mechanical means. An additional benefit is their ability to reduce surfactants left behind by detergents in pipework.

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