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Time to 'beat the cheats'

Published 27th May, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Time to 'beat the cheats'

To tackle ‘cowboy’ suppliers selling sub-standard and unlabelled hygiene products, the CHSA has produced a new DVD to promote its Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Schemes.

Titled ‘Beat the Cheats Before You Buy’, the DVD explains the vulnerability of buyers to unscrupulous suppliers who build products to a price point by subtly reducing the quantity and quality of their products. It contrasts this with the certainty that comes from buying solely from accredited suppliers.

Graham Fletcher, general secretary of the CHSA, explained: “Our accreditation schemes are a proven solution to the problem of irresponsible suppliers saying a product is one thing when in fact it is another. It makes sense, therefore, for every customer to specify CHSA accreditation scheme standards in their tender requirements and we have produced this DVD as a way to spread the message and encourage them to do so.”

Beat the Cheats Before You Buy, which is now live on You Tube - - is being distributed directly to commercial end users and will be broadcast at a range of conferences and exhibitions throughout the year.

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