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Throw-away cloths are the answer, says poll

Published 17th April, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Throw-away cloths are the answer, says poll

The advantages of disposable cloths far outweigh the use of laundered cloths, according to those who took part in a recent online poll.

The online cleaning industry blog site - - asked the question: how effective are disposable cleaning cloths compared with laundered cloths? Some 64% of those voting said the use of disposable cloths was 'much better' than laundered, while 11% thought they were 'better' and 25% didn't think there was a difference in the poll, run by Jigsaw Cleaning Systems.

This follows case studies which show considerable cost savings whilst maintaining at least the same level of effective cleaning.

One exercise carried out by Jigsaw Cleaning Systems in 17 wards at an NHS hospital compared the financial implications over various timescales including a shift, a day, a week, a month and a year.
The bottom-line results staggered the hospital, with the savings of using modern disposable mops rising from £154 per day to £4633 per month to £55,000 per year.

The efficiencies in water also surprised the hospital, with three litres of water needed as opposed to the 60 used on an average current shift over the 17 wards, 102 used compared to 2040 on a day shift, 3060 over a month compared to 61,200 and 36,720 litres instead of the current 734,400 litres used over a year.

Brian Boll, systems director at Jigsaw Cleaning who ran the survey, said: “The advantages appear to be visible for all to see. There is a certain cost in any transition from one to the other but this can be addressed over time. With these kind of cost savings there are real benefits for the longer term.”

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