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The sky's the limit

Published 1st October, 2015 by Neil Nixon

The sky's the limit

In response to demands from customers, Drain Doctor has launched a new commercial gutter cleaning system to franchisees across its network. The Sky Vac system is ideal for quick, easy gutter clearance working from ground level without the need for ladders, scaffolding or lifting equipment. It can be used as part of planned maintenance programmes in all kinds of commercial premises.

It allows Drain Doctor to clear gutters, roof valleys and gullies of moss and other material quickly and easily. It is designed to operate at up to 12 metres (39 feet) from the ground - typically the height of a four-storey office block or factory roof. It can clean gutters in difficult to reach areas, over outbuildings or where there is limited access.

This cost-effective cleaning solution complies with current health and safety regulations about working at height. Technicians working on the ground can see what's happening at gutter level thanks to the system's 'eye in the sky' - a fully recordable wireless camera with a monitor that is fitted to the Sky Vac's tubing at the technician's eye level. The Drain Doctor Sky Vac also has a 14-metre telescopic carbon fibre attachment for the camera which enables high level gutter and roof inspection surveys.

Drain Doctor's technical manager, Sandy Craig, said: "The new Drain Doctor Sky Vac allows our franchisees to offer a cheaper and hassle-free gutter cleaning service to all our commercial customers. Our technicians can clean gutters from the ground without the added expense of scaffold, cherry pickers or scissor lifts needed to comply with health and safety regulations for working at height. What's more, they can see what they are doing with the 'eye in the sky' camera and can undertake roof, gutter and valley inspections as part of planned ongoing maintenance. The powerful vacuum means that the system can suck up a large amount of waste material without making a mess. The all-terrain, robust chassis means that it can undertake work in areas with limited access where it would not be practical to use ladders or lifting plant. Lightweight tubes mean that we can easily get up and over obstacles such as outbuildings to clean difficult to reach gutters that it may not have been possible to clean before."

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