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The perfect fit

Published 28th October, 2013 by Neil Nixon

The perfect fit

We've all heard the saying about bad workmen blaming their tools. But for many staff involved in healthcare hygiene across the UK, sub-standard equipment could be hampering performance. June Clafton, sales manager at, reports on the importance of protective aprons.

The importance of disposable polythene aprons to today's healthcare hygiene operation is irrefutable. From the largest hospital to the smallest care home, these products are employed to help control infection and provide the best possible patient care.

But to a degree, their effectiveness has also made them a victim of their own success. Some apron manufacturers as well as individuals involved further along in the procurement process have adopted an almost 'if it isn't broke, why fix it?' mentality., however, certainly isn't one of them.

A specialist division of BPI (British Polythene Industries) - Europe's largest manufacturer of polythene films, bags and aprons - has recently extended its disposable apron range as a direct result of its focus on continued innovation as well as feedback from its customers. Specifically, it is challenging the whole notion of a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.

For some reason, most of us at some point in our lives have had to endure the discomfort and irritation of wearing poorly fitting clothing. But whilst clothing that doesn't fit properly in a personal context can be uncomfortable and annoying, in a professional one, it can hinder performance, reduce morale and even contribute to increased infection risks.

Historically, disposable polythene aprons for healthcare hygiene and infection control operations have only been offered in a restricted range of standard sizes. That's great if you're Mr, Mrs, or Miss Average - but let's face it, these days, who is? In today's world, people - like hospital hygiene operations - come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

To accommodate this real world diversity, has launched a new and more ergonomic apron design. This design includes a wider neckline which makes the apron easier to put on and take off. In addition, broader coverage at the shoulder and torso delivers a greater degree of protection, whilst to increase the ease and efficiency of fastening, the apron ties have been moved lower down, putting them more comfortably within reach. These ties are also thicker, making them less likely to snap. will always be committed to enhancing the success of our customers. As part of this, we recognise the need to be proactive and responsive. If challenges, requirements or other considerations change, our products need to change to address them.

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