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The marque of quality

Published 1st May, 2014 by Neil Nixon

The marque of quality

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers' Association (CHSA) is advising buyers of soft tissues products and plastic refuse sacks to seek, in addition to the CHSA logo itself, the Manufacturing Accreditation Schemes logos as the marques of quality.

“Our logos are important, each conveying a specific meaning and set of values to those who see them,” said CHSA chair and managing director of Harrison Wipes, Stephen Harrison. “To maintain their value and credibility it's crucial they are used properly by our members and understood fully by buyers.”

The two logos of the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes are the only marques proving scheme membership and only fully audited members have the authority to use them. Every member of a Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme has successfully passed a detailed auditing process designed to ensure buyers get exactly what they pay for. Scheme members are then re-audited every year to maintain their membership, with a traffic light system designed to ensure issues are quickly identified and addressed.

The CHSA standard logo indicates an associate, manufacturer or distributor has agreed to adhere to the rules of the code of conduct, paid their subscriptions, and their CHSA membership has been approved by the CHSA council. Every member may use it accordingly. It does not, however, imply membership of one of the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes.

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