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The LooBlade - a replacement for the conventional toilet brush?

Published 4th April, 2016 by Neil Nixon

The LooBlade - a replacement for the conventional toilet brush?

Robert Scott and Sons Ltd is introducing the LooBlade at this year's Interclean Exhibition. LooBlade is a product designed to replace the traditional toilet brush - a germ-killing, quick-drying reinvention for cleaning toilets which uses an 8-blade silicone head to enhance cleaning power.

The design of LooBlade is centred on the invention of a new technology called SwipeClean, which replaces the classic brush bristles with an 8-blade silicone cleaning head that maintains a continuous contact with the surface to swipe it clean. LooBlade does not get clogged up like the bristles of a brush and has hydrophobic properties that shed water, allowing it to dry quickly. It reaches under the rim with ease, and contains an anti-microbial additive that helps kill 99.9% of germs, both during and after cleaning.

A 'hollow-point' head feature also helps act as a plunger to clear blockages, and the unique holder design allows for free air flow to ensure no residual water collects. The anti-microbial properties of the blades mean that germs are killed outright, so there is no need to use bleach to disinfect it. In addition, the clog-free nature of LooBlade means that the multiple flushes often used to attempt to clean a brush are no longer necessary.

Alastair Scott, marketing director at Robert Scott and Sons, said: “The traditional toilet brush is a fundamentally flawed design - they don't clean efficiently, they clog-up easily, they drip everywhere, and their use results in excessive use of cleaning chemicals and water. Ultimately, people hate the sight of them! The LooBlade offers a modern, stylish, and highly effective alternative to traditional brush cleaners and will, we believe, appeal to a variety of users from offices and commercial premises through to hotels, clubs, and hi-end catering establishments. Finally, the disposable attitude towards traditional toilet brushes means that they are typically replaced at least once a year, if not more often, creating unnecessary waste - each LooBlade, however, comes with a three-year guarantee.”

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