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The complete urinal solution?

Published 2nd February, 2010 by Neil Nixon

The complete urinal solution?

Avoid blockages, attack odours and save water with the TimeMist range of urinal hygiene products and be sure that your urinals are left hygienically clean and fresh every time.

The water management systems carefully control fill time and length of flush in a small and discreet unit, designed to save water and money. Freshness is further maintained when used in conjunction with TimeMist Urinal Sleeves, which line the waste outlet and trap just above the water level, preventing leaking and staining from waste connections, whilst the deodorising block reduces bio-film build up and scale, as well as preventing blockages and reducing odour.

Alternatively, the Virtual Janitor from TimeMist is an easy to install, simple solution designed to improve washroom hygiene. The liquid refills attack foul odours at the source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacterial growth within the urinal pipes, whilst pleasantly fragrancing the environment for 30/60 days.

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