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The Co-operative shops with MITIE

Published 13th January, 2010 by Neil Nixon

The Co-operative shops with MITIE

MITIE has announced a facilities management contract worth £20.4 million per annum with the Co-operative Group. Under the new agreement, MITIE will be providing a range of cleaning services to all Co-operative food retail stores across the United Kingdom.

The three-year contract will see MITIE clean more than 2500 stores and this includes 600 Somerfield stores that MITIE already looks after. MITIE also cleans the retailer’s major head offices across the country. In total over 3000 people are transferring to MITIE’s business during the mobilisation process.

Before this move the Co-operative Group employed almost 25 regional cleaning contractors and specialist teams. By consolidating all of these contracts into one national agreement with MITIE, the Co- operative is facing the future more efficiently, with retail FM experts who understand its needs and aspirations.

MITIE will be bringing benefits to the table, including a large and efficient 24/7 helpdesk function based in its Bristol head office, its own free phone time and attendance system for accurate recording of all hours worked, a bespoke management information reporting tool using real-time information via PDAs and innovations in training and health and safety.

Martin Totten, director of MITIE’s retail cleaning team, said: “We are currently in the process of mobilising the contract for the Co- operative Group. Winning this national contract with one of the major retail food giants builds on MITIE’s reputation in the retail market and our ability to focus on national contracts.”

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