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The Building Futures Group: raising the profile of the cleaning industry

Published 1st July, 2014 by Neil Nixon

The Building Futures Group: raising the profile of the cleaning industry

Sarah Bentley, chief executive of the Building Futures Group, reports.

The Building Futures Group is committed to improving the visibility of the cleaning industry and highlighting the impact cleaning operatives have on the quality of life for every person working and living across the UK.
We represent the housing, property, cleaning, parking, and facilities management sectors, and we are also established as the trade association for the cleaning and facilities management industry in the UK. We understand that the increasing skill levels of those working in the industry is leading to an even better reputation for the sector and is providing numerous opportunities for further education. Helping to develop these opportunities is our training division, Asset Skills Training, which is a trusted provider of workforce training, offering specialist and bespoke training for all of our members' sectors including cleaning.

Programmes have been designed by Asset Skills Training experts who have years of experience in the industry, working closely alongside businesses and organisations to shape vocational qualifications and training. A structured and visible career pathway for cleaning operatives is core to increasing quality and standards, whilst also raising the profile of the cleaning industry. The Building Futures Group provides bespoke training and education, from basic skills, through to apprenticeships and an MBA in facilities management.

A great way for members to influence and contribute to the design of the training and how programmes are delivered is through the Building Futures Group's innovative cleaning sector advisory group. The sector advisory group will meet twice a year to offer valuable insights into the sector, providing an opportunity to highlight the current and emerging skills requirements and discuss the latest developments in the industry.
This strategic advisory group requires passionate and driven individuals from within the cleaning industry who want to make a sector-wide impact. The Building Futures Group will then work to ensure that sector-wide issues identified from these meetings are addressed. This sector advisory group will help to provide the one unified voice that the industry has asked for.

We will continue to represent members to decision-makers and aim to influence policies that will shape the future of the cleaning industry in the UK. Members will also have access to the best minds in the industry and academia through our soon to be assembled expert panel.

We are also committed to helping our members publicise the good work they do across the UK. Industries represented by the Building Futures Group are becoming more important than ever in facilitating the work and play of every one of us, as well as contributing significantly to the UK economy. To highlight the impact of cleaning and facilities management we will be running a national media campaign to promote careers in the cleaning industry and its importance to the health of our nation later this year. We will continue to support our members by improving their profile and encouraging more people to consider careers in cleaning and our other essential industries.

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