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The 700 series high pressure pumps launched

Published 11th February, 2014 by Neil Nixon

The 700 series high pressure pumps launched

Cat Pumps has announced enhancements to one of its 345 bar high pressure pumps used extensively for pressure testing, heavy-duty pressure washing including graffiti removal, and in industrial processes.

With the introduction of the new Model 700, the existing Model 70 pump has been upgraded to include a new pump head with a revised valve arrangement. Cat Pumps calls this design 'stacked valves' because the discharge valves are installed directly above the inlet valves in a common bore. This simplifies valve servicing as the design now only has three valve plugs.

Consequently, there is a new valve kit for the Model 700, which contains all six valves so only one kit is required per pump. The high and low pressure seals are identical to those used for many years in the Model 70, but there is a new seal kit containing these and all the associated parts needed to service the pump seals.

The drive end of the new Model 700 is directly interchangeable with the Model 70 and most service items are identical. Note, however, that the plunger rod has been changed to eliminate the need for the plunger spacer.

The performance of the pump remains unchanged at 17 litres/min at 1700 rpm and being a true positive displacement pump, the flow remains directly proportional to speed right up to the maximum pressure rating of 345 bar (5000 psi).

The Model 700 is available from stock now, and can be purchased bare-shaft, mounted directly to a suitable electric motor or base-plate mounted with motor and speed-reducing transmission. It is also available as model 700G1 complete with integrated gearbox to mount on a petrol or diesel engine with a standard SAE mounting face and 1" (25.4 mm) diameter parallel crankshaft extension.

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