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Tennant revises claim after Kärchers challenge

Published 17th April, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Tennant revises claim after Kärchers challenge

The US cleaning equipment manufacturer Tennant has revised its controversial claims for ec-H2O technology in scrubber-driers after Kärcher initiated legal or regulatory action against the company at the beginning of September
2011 for ‘misleading advertising’. Tennant made the changes prior to legal or official rulings in Germany, Belgium and UK, according to Kärcher.

Kärcher objected to the claim that ordinary tap water can, in scrubber driers, be converted into ‘active water’ that then functions as a powerful detergent. Tennant’s website no longer refers to a ‘powerful detergent’ and the claims made for the cleaning effect of ec-H2O technology are now non-committal.

“In bringing about a change in Tennant’s advertising, Kärcher has achieved one of the fundamental objectives of its proceedings in Germany, Belgium and the UK,” said Markus Asch, deputy chairman of the Kärcher Group’s management board.