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Teaming up at the Tower of London

Published 26th August, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Teaming up at the Tower of London

Nilfisk and Total Support Services have teamed up at one of the capital's most iconic buildings, the Tower of London. The Tower, which was originally built as a fortress in 1078, was used as a prison from 1100, and now attracts more than two million visitors a year. The last prisoners to be incarcerated at the Tower were the famous Kray Twins in 1952.

The Tower of London was a new contract win for Total Support Services in 2015, including cleaning, waste management, pest control, and hygiene services.

Total Support Services sourced a Nilfisk City Ranger CR3500 outdoor machine from its longstanding supply partner, WB Floors Ltd, based in Croydon. The City Ranger CR3500 is used daily at the Tower for litter collection and gully clearing. The long vacuum hose is also used regularly to clear out litter from the lion pit, a pit that was used to house the lions but now lends itself to collecting general debris.

Operations director at Total Support Services, Danny Gostt, said: “We always use Nilfisk equipment on premier sites, the quality of the equipment and the reliability that brings is critical for us. Additionally, the support we get from WB Floors provides us with peace of mind. We trialled the smaller City Ranger initially but the vacuum power of the CR3500 and the ability to add snow and gritting attachments won us over. Personnel from The Historic Royal Palaces were heavily involved in the selection process and we are all very pleased with the machine's performance. A fully comprehensive service contract fixes our costs for the three year term and ensures we have no unexpected peaks in expenditure.”

The City Ranger 3500 is a four wheel drive, 51hp machine with an impressive 38km/h speed in transport and 20km/h in sweeping mode. The multi-functional City Ranger is one of a fleet of articulated outdoor machines that are easily adapted for a wide range of functions. A full range of attachments provide for year round use including green maintenance, winter maintenance, and street cleansing.

The attachments are quickly and easily changed in minutes, the hydraulic hoses connecting at the turn of a handle. Weed control, rotary and mulch mowing, lawn edging, hedge trimming, suction sweeping, snow plough, and salt and sand spreading can all be carried out by this range of machines.

The versatile City Ranger 3500 is also ideal for street washing. The street flusher solution combines two attachments, a front mounted spray bar with nozzles that pivot up to 25 degrees, and a large water tank that is fitted to the back of the vehicle.

The 1000 litre polyethylene tank provides for powerful high pressure washing of up to 40 bar and is aided by a 10 metre hand lance. Perfect for high traffic prestigious venues, its working width of 1700mm is built to work around the clock.

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