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Take control of colds & flu

Published 11th December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Take control of colds & flu

Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched a campaign designed to help its customers reduce the risk of illness in the workplace this autumn and winter. Under the initiative - called ‘Take control of cold & flu’ - the company is offering constructive advice and support to businesses as they implement measures to prevent the spread of sicknesses such as the H1N1 flu virus among staff.

To promote the campaign, Kimberly-Clark Professional has developed a cold and flu support package. This comprises an educational leaflet with information about good hygiene practices and special offers to encourage customers to stock up on key winter hygiene products, including Kleenex and Scott facial tissues, Airplex fabric hand towels, Kimcare hand cleanser and the Wettask wiping system.

Martin Knight-Jones, cleaning and hygiene channel marketing manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: “Businesses can make a big difference to productivity by protecting their employees from cold and flu viruses. Most workplaces already have the basics in place, but just a few more extra measures can make a big difference – such as having facial tissues available on desks and self-presenting hand towels at all wash stations. Simple behavioural disciplines, such as covering the mouth with a tissue when sneezing, effective hand washing and cleaning surfaces frequently, are also effective measures. Good hygiene practices are not difficult to establish and they play a critical role in protecting employees. Through our ‘Take control of cold & flu’ campaign, we hope to make it much easier for our customers to put products and systems in place that will make a big difference to their productivity this winter.”

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