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Swiftclean passes audits with flying colours

Published 7th October, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Swiftclean passes audits with flying colours

Swiftclean Building Services has itself passed its periodic audit for ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. “We take great pride in having our own house in order before we help others,” said Gary Nicholls, founder and managing director. “That's why as well as these mandatory audits, which we are pleased to have passed once again with ease, we also submit our processes for independent audits on our own initiative. Auditing is a valuable business tool for us, as it demonstrates where our strengths lie and helps us to identify areas that we can make even stronger.”

By ensuring that clients have ventilation and kitchen extract systems cleaned to exacting TR/19 requirements and water systems assessed, cleaned and maintained to comply with the L8 guidelines for legionella control, Swiftclean's work makes a direct contribution towards customers being able to pass ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 audits. Swiftclean, however, chooses to go beyond simple compliance and invites independent auditing of a cross section of its project work for clients, identifying areas of excellence and ones in which further improvements can be made.

Swiftclean has accumulated a vast amount of expertise by cleaning many miles of ventilation and kitchen extract ductwork over more than 30 years since its formation in 1982 and is now instrumental in formulating the guidelines which ensure industry best practice. Gary Nicholls served as a member of the steering committee which helped to draft the second edition of TR/19 in 2013 and its three predecessors.

Many of Swiftclean's essential compliance services also help its clients to achieve both the environmental standard ISO14001 and the health and safety standard OHSAS18001.

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