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Sustainably better design

Published 1st February, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Sustainably better design

The new Taski Trolley is a modular cleaning workstation from JohnsonDiversey that combines innovation and ergonomic design to improve overall performance, efficiency and sustainability in a wide range of applications. A complete set of tools and equipment is available so that the Taski Trolley can be configured to support microfibre, spray-and-wipe, wet-mop and general cleaning applications.

The Taski Trolley has been designed from the ground up as a fully integrated system with a complete range of complementary tools and equipment to replace existing JohnsonDiversey products. It incorporates the latest ergonomic concepts to ensure all tools and equipment remain within easy reach so that users do not have to bend or stretch awkwardly. For example, mop boxes pop out of the side of the trolley and allow a fresh mop to be attached without bending or extra effort. Similarly, push bars and extension trays fold away using a single lever for faster clear away time between jobs and at the end of shifts. The result is faster and more efficient overall cleaning processes with less time spent stopping and starting between tasks.

This helps to promote user acceptance and reduces the risk of the musculoskeletal disorders that are one of the main causes of time off work in the UK.
Sustainability is enhanced with the Taski Trolley because it can be used with tools that reduce reliance of chemicals. Using ultra microfibre tools from the Jonmaster range, for example, or spray-and- wipe products can reduce overall chemical consumption by up to 95%.

The overall design of the trolley has been devised to support, rather than dictate, the adaptable and evolving requirements of modern cleaning operations. Six core configurations based around just two chassis models have been devised for the commonest cleaning applications. However, the modular concept means that customers can adapt these or create a layout matched to their own unique requirement using the tools and equipment in the system.

The robust metal frame with special coating provides a durable platform for component modules and is easy to clean and maintain. Strong plastic and glass fibre components are less prone to breakages and help to reduce weight but still allow the trolley to carry up to a 100kg load which means it can be used for heavy duty room care and linen change applications.

Customers have been involved throughout the entire design and development cycle and the system has been through intensive field trials at 15 sites in four major European countries including the UK. Feedback from these trials has been key to the final design.

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