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Sustainable cleaning performance: a golden commitment

Published 19th April, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Sustainable cleaning performance: a golden commitment

Customers all over the world are asking JohnsonDiversey to be their partner in developing sustainable solutions that deliver long term cost saving, performance improvement and environmental benefits to their businesses.

The company’s goal is to practise sustainability in all aspects of its business and to help customers do the same in their own. This means delivering solutions that are simple and safe to use and based around excellence and innovation at every stage of the cleaning lifecycle. The result is sustainably lower levels of raw materials, packaging, waste and energy consumption with reduced lifetime costs. Supporting the Golden Service Awards with the JohnsonDiversey Environmental Awareness Award is just one example of this commitment.

JohnsonDiversey has been dedicated to leadership in sustainable environmental awareness since the company was founded in 1886. It was the first cleaning products company to eliminate CFCs from its aerosol products, many years before this became a legal requirement. The company was a founder member of the Founded Marine Stewardship Council with the WWF. It was the first business-to-business chemical manufacturer awarded the AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. In 2008 the company joined the WWF’s Climate Savers programme which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This long term commitment is also reflected throughout solutions and manufacturing processes that continue to deliver leadership and innovation. Cleaning machines such as the popular Taski Swingo XP scrubber drier promote productivity, reduce overall costs and use less energy and water than conventional equipment. The Jonmaster range of ultra microfibre products supports high performance hard surface cleaning and infection control without chemicals, presenting customers with a highly sustainable option. Cleaning products in the J-Flex and Exact ranges enable the safe, ease of use and accurate dosing and dilution of concentrates that empower users with consistent high performance cleaning but with reduced packaging, energy consumption, waste and chemical miles.

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