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Sustainability gains further ground

Published 9th June, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Sustainability gains further ground

Sustainability, including environmental and social considerations, are gaining increasing importance in our society. And at the same time, a growing number of people across the globe are gaining access to hygiene products.

These were among the observations of SCA president and CEO Jan Johansson in the company’s latest Sustainability Report, which was published recently. “The standard of living is rising in a growing number of countries and more and more people are gaining access to hygiene products,” said Johansson in the report. “Surveys show that at income levels as low as $US2 per day, people start to use their money to finance items other than food and housing - and hygiene products are high on the list.”

He said countries rapidly climbing up the hygiene pyramid include Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Chile, India and China.

“Sustainability is a megatrend that has been ongoing for a number of years,” he continued. “A growing section of society questions the way we live and customers and consumers are imposing ever stricter demands for sustainable business practices.”

SCA’s sustainability highlights during 2010 include the installation of a lime kiln at Östrand pulp mill in Sweden which will cut carbon dioxide emissions at the plant by 80%. Meanwhile, a new power plant in Aschaffenburg, Germany, will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and a new business unit - SCA Energy - will develop and grow renewable energy.

“Social responsibility runs like a common theme throughout SCA’s business,” said Johansson. “Our first social programme was initiated in the 1950s. When the company was first formed we built housing for employees, infrastructure and schools while also offering leisure activities.”

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