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Survey reveals importance of hygiene to the public

Published 4th November, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Survey reveals importance of hygiene to the public

A report released to coincide with Global Handwashing Day on 15 October has revealed that almost two thirds of people avoid gatherings or cancel plans due to concerns over poor hygiene levels in public places.

Nearly half of those questioned in the survey said they had refrained from using a public lavatory, while a quarter have avoided swimming or using showers at a health club because of poor cleanliness. Almost 1 in 10 people also admitted they had turned down an invitation for dinner at a friend’s house because they were worried about the levels of hygiene and cleanliness they would encounter.

The report, Hygiene Matters, was conducted for hygiene firm SCA, and questioned 7000 people in nine countries - UK, Germany, China, France, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and the United States - about their views on hygiene in society.

Mark Woodhead, chairman of the British Cleaning Council, said: "We are surrounded by hygiene in our daily lives, and this report shows that cleanliness is one of the most important factors when people are making decisions. From the predictable - public toilets, to the more subtle - dinner at a friend’s house, the survey emphasises the importance of good hygiene and clean environments in public and private places.”

Global Handwashing Day aims to habitualise hand washing with soap in an attempt to reduce the spread of diseases and illnesses. Events to promote the practice in homes, schools, workplaces and communities were held around the world to mark the day.

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