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Survey reveals clean streets are a top priority

Published 6th April, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Survey reveals clean streets are a top priority

In a pre-budget survey carried out by a local administration, homeowners have identified clean streets as their most important service. Residents of Hart District Council were asked to identify the three most important district council services out of a list of 16, stating the three areas they would be most willing to see cuts in service or increased charges. In the results from across the whole district, waste collection was judged to be the most important service, claiming 56% of all first choice votes and 18% of second choice votes cast.

Steve Wright, chairman of the British Cleaning Council, said: “This survey is a clear indication of how important environmental cleanliness is to the public. It has been widely reported that many councils will have to look very closely at their provision of services in response to the widespread budget cuts predicted across the UK; these results should act as a pointer for how they should best serve the public in these challenging times.”

Andrew Large, chief executive of the Cleaning and Support Services Association, added: ”Clean streets are the cornerstone of a civilised society, and we believe the thousands of street cleaners across the UK should be supported in keeping our public spaces clean and safe for all. I hope that all local council’s take note of this survey, acknowledge the people they serve and take measures to protect the services they clearly value.”

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