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'Superclean' washroom facilities

Published 31st January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

'Superclean' washroom facilities

With customers expecting well-equipped, clean, hygienic and fresh smelling washrooms, PHS Washrooms has responded to the growing trend for 'superclean' facilities. Answering to customer demand, the PHS Washrooms professional deep cleaning team is using advanced cleaning equipment and chemicals to eradicate built up organic minerals and matter that harbour germs and stains in washroom facilities.

Keri Reynolds, marketing manager at PHS Washrooms, which has just launched its new 'deep clean service', said: “Standards will rise throughout 2014 and the demand of the end user will shift from 'convenience' to 'cleanliness'. We know through our own research and the feedback from our customers that visitors and staff expect pristine, sparkling facilities. Raising standards in washrooms doesn't just provide aesthetic and health benefits but also business and organisational benefits. Thorough, deep cleaning by specialist cleaners truly eradicates stains, hidden germs and bacteria. The spread of diseases and infection, teamed with society's paranoia about cleanliness and hygiene, will lead to the demand for highly clean working conditions and washroom environments. Your washroom says more about you than costly advertising ever could as it makes a positive lasting impression. In simple terms it says you care about the well-being of your customers, staff and visitors.”

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