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Super-eco dishwasher

Published 5th August, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Super-eco dishwasher

The Advantage Plus Pass Through has the same energy and water efficient specifications as the original Advantage Pass Through, with the addition of two, highly efficient, heat recovery mechanisms.

The steam heat recovery unit condenses the steam generated during a rinse cycle and uses it to heat the water for the subsequent wash water by an impressive 10°C. Meanwhile, the drain heat recovery unit captures the residual heat from waste water and uses it to heat incoming water by 20°C.

The Advantage Pass Through is very economical on water and requires just 22 litres for the wash cycle and only 2.8 litres for the rinse cycle. An electronic dispense system enables the user to micro manage the detergent and rinse aid so that only the optimum amount for each specific load is drawn.

There are three standard wash cycles, each with two options, plus a custom setting to deal with more challenging washes. There is also a special glass cycle with lower temperatures and a gentle, low pressure 'soft start'.

The rinse programme operates at 85°C. While this is active, no cold water can enter the boiler, ensuring that a constant temperature is maintained for the entire cycle. A further, optional, sanitisation cycle is available when exceptional circumstances demand.

The tank, wash and rinse spray arms and body are fabricated entirely from 304 AISI stainless steel while the hood open and close mechanism is robot tested through 350,000 cycles.

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