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Super-absorbing pad dries spilt liquids in seconds

Published 13th April, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Super-absorbing pad dries spilt liquids in seconds

Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, the single source supplier of over 4500 wholesale cleaning hardware products, has added the Dry-Up liquid absorbing pad to its range. This replaces traditional procedures requiring the use of chemicals and powders, a period of waiting, clearing with a broom, dustpan and brush, and then bagging before disposal.

Dry-Up is a super absorbent disposable pad which absorbs spilt liquids (including liquids such as oil and fat) in seconds, bonding it into the pad’s surface by converting it into a gelled substance.

“Spilt liquids often demand a speedy response and Dry-Up’s unique technology enables each pad to absorb up to a litre of liquid converting it into a gel in 3-150 seconds, depending on the composition of the spill,” said sales and marketing director, Alastair Scott. “Dry-Up is an innovative product designed to ensure the safe clean-up of slip-risk or unpleasant liquid spills, such as urine, blood, coffee, oil, bleach, chlorine, and kitchen fat, which often demands a speedy response. That’s why it’s perfect for spills in sensitive environments such as cleaning up blood or urine in hospitals and care homes, hazardous spills such as oils in the automotive industry or kitchens, and slippery floors in public environments such as airports, supermarkets and restaurants.”

The pad’s triple-layer construction comprises a top polyethylene waterproof layer which prevents the spilt substance from leaking through and shields the user from touching the absorbed substance. The middle absorption layer is made from super absorbent polymer particles which quickly convert liquid into gel and bond the gelled substance into the pad. The pad’s bottom non-woven layer quickly picks-up spilled liquid and transfers it into the middle layer. With no drips or leaks to contend with, the pad can be quickly and efficiently disposed of.

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